Board of Directors

regis sauger

Regis Sauger CEO and Founder of Helping God's Babies. Regis is a retired golf professional. He was elected into the PGA of America in July 1958. Regis has played in two National PGA Championships and two US Open Championships. He has won numerous events but his passion has always been teaching.

Regis has worked promoting Junior Golf for many years. His love of working with children led to creating a special program for Autistic and Down syndrome children and a manual dedicated to teaching these individuals. He firmly believes that by “Teaching the Teachers” it will allow golf to flourish and grow within this special population.

Helping Gods Babies is launching a first of its kind, "At-Home" video program in 2021 that will give parents/guardians/caregivers an opportunity to personally teach their children golf.

Dan Breslin

PGA Class A Professional - Dan Breslin has been a Junior Golf pioneer for over 35 years as well as a Captain in the PGA Jr Golf League. He established the First Tee of Tampa and the First Tee of St Louis. Dan also worked with the Special Olympics at Melreese / International Links of Miami.

He not only knows Junior Golf,  he also oversees a very special program at his home course in Tamaroa, Illinois for kids who are missing one or multiple limbs in Adaptive and Para-Golf.
He believes that Helping God's Babies programs are fundamentally the best to help teach these special individuals. This is trailblazing work that continues to improve over time.

Ernesto Rolon III

Ernesto is the CEO of SEDA. "Strategic Economic Development Authority” and the Director of Economic Development for Puerto Rico. Ernie's love of children is just another spark of energy that will propel our efforts to another level.

Ernie has been involved in Community Development Strategies in many Latin American countries. His vision of affordable housing, community programming coupled with sustainable employment is welcomed by us. This vision includes the Autistic and Down syndrome populations. His forward-thinking and vision is not in textbooks but is the lifeblood of programs like Helping God’s Babies.

Sean X Flaherty

Sean is the CEO and owner Island Coast Restoration. Sean started his business in 1999 after moving from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Fort Myers. Over the years using quality of work, honesty and fair pricing, Sean has turned Island Coast Restoration into what it is today.  Located on Marco Island, Sean’s expertise is sought out by boat owners from many States. His waiting list is a mirror of his integrity and reputation.
It is this quality and love of “special needs” children that Sean opens his heart and love to give and protect. Sean is an adopted orphan from Columbia and having experienced survival, he has a personal compassion for “Helping Gods Babies”.

Advisory Board

mike harbour

PGA Class A Professional, Mike Harbour has been working with special needs children for many years. He has alway said, “The emotional rewards are far greater than the financial aspects.”

Over the years, Mike has donated thousands of hours working with "God's Children". Touting a sterling PGA career Mike is now the Director of Golf and General Manager at the Alico Family Golf Center in Fort Myers, Florida.

Mike is one of the main contributors and the lead instructor for our "AT HOME VIDEOS” which were filmed at the Alico Center with our local students and golfers.

CURIE CUDMORE OTR (Retired)        

Curie Cudmore is the Co-Founder of HGB and is recognized as one of the Top 100 Occupational Therapists in the USA. Her accolades in working with “Special Needs Children” reach far back to her work with UNICEF around the world. Her passion and knowledge of these children combined with her commitment to enable these Autistic and Down syndrome individuals, is nothing short of phenomenal. Curie Cudmore was also the 1st awardee as the most outstanding OT in the Philippine’s, as  sponsored by the Philippine’s Professional Regulations Commission.

Curie’s endorsement and participation with Helping God’s Babies adds that critical element of experience;  something that most Golf Professionals do not possess with this specific population.  We feel, without the guidance and knowledge of having a professional like Curie, plus a manual that is copyrighted specifically for Autistic and Down syndrome individuals, programs have suffered. We are proud to say, with Curie, we have solved the professional dilemma of many well-intentioned programs.

john R. johnson

John is the owner J2 Golf and GolfPhotos. com   A nationally recognized and award-wining golf marketing company. Based on Marco Island, Florida. John has completed assignments at some of the world’s most prestigious golf facilities and associations such as the USGA, NGCOAA, GCSAA, CMAA, SNAG Golf, SHORT-Golf and the PGA. His golf industry and sports travels have taken him around the globe, recording images and stories for his clients.
John also has experience and passion for working with Autistic and Down syndrome children. John has a CCC degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology and is certified in K-12 Special Education. John has worked with Special Needs children not only as an instructor, but co-designed a very successful “In-School” jump-rope workshop program to create vocational skills to transition into adult workshop opportunities. He feels that meaningful recreation and work, leads to a better quality of life for all individuals.

Volunteer and Join us


Helping God’s Babies is based in Naples - Southwest Florida.  You are welcome and encouraged to join us at any of our clinics, outings and events. Young, old and family . . . we all can pitch in, have fun and help a special person gain confidence and skills through the game of golf.

Not near Southwest Florida?  . . . Even BETTER, as Autism and Down syndrome is not geographically selective on where it lives. Throughout the country and world you will find these wonderful individuals who would love to experience the game of golf. Just as Dan Breslin listed above has opened his facility and heart to special needs individuals, you can too.

Contact us, you can replicate our programs we are running here, use our manuals, teaching methods and videos to create your own Helping God’s Babies programs. One call, one email is all it takes to get your program started - See our - Contact Us - page and we look forward to meeting you.